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Version 1.2.9  of EtsyCloneScript has just been released! Etsy Clone / Etsy Script / Etsy Script is the best Etsy Clone! Get a Etsy Clone Script!

Note: The script doesn't come with any content | Notice: We don't sell any unlimited domain license or re-sale rights to anyone.

Open Your Own Responsive Marketplace Website Today!

Start your own profitable marketplace website today using Etsy Clone Script.

Create Shops/Stores

Sellers can create their own shops to sell their items on.

Multiple Payment Options

Sellers can choose to accept payments using Paypal, Payza, Cheque, Money Order or Other

Responsive Design - Mobile Friendly

EtsyCloneScript is fully responsive so it works on mobile devices!

Currency System

There is one main currency, then other currencies can be added with an exchange rate. Users can change the currency to have prices shown in their preferred currency. [Learn how it works]

Language System

Etsy Clone Script supports multiple languages for users to choose from. You can easily add more. [Learn how it works]

Region System

Users can choose a region, then rearch results will only show items that ship to that region.

Language / Currency / Region Selection


Choose a language to display the website in.


Choose a currency to display prices in.


Choose a region to display search results that ship to you only.

[Learn More About The Region System]

Create Favorite Lists

Add Variations to Items

Add Shipping to Items

Add & Save Shipping Addresses

When ordering physical items you can choose from your saved addresses.

Review Items You Purchase

Your rating will contribute to the seller's overall rating.

Order Multiple Items From One Shop

Users can order multiple items from one shop and make one payment.

Quantity System

Sellers can set the quantity of items they have so buyers cannot order more than they have.

Categories System

Trending Section

All new trending section displays the most popular items based on points.

Multiple Payment Options

How Do You Earn Money?

Etsy Clone Script has many revenue streams to enable you to make profits.

1. Sellers Pay To Add Items: A seller needs to pay a fee set by you to publish their item to X amount of days. This is collected before their item is listed.

2. Transaction Fee On Every Item Sold: When a buyer purchases an item they pay the seller directly. A set percentage you want to charge is then added to the seller's OutStanding Balance, which they must pay you each month. This is collected after the item is sold, once a month.

3. Advertisements: You can also place advertisements on your website to earn additional revenue.


Tastemakers are featured users whose favorite items are displayed.

Why Use Etsy Clone Script?

Etsy Clone Script is the most advanced marketplace script created by scriptolution, the creators of the highly popular fiverrscript software. It works properly, is secure, is very affordable, and you get support from us.

Source Code

100% Viewable Source Code Of Non-Licensing Files.

User Sets Price

The user chooses the price he wishes to sell his item for.

Digital Items Instant Delivery

Sellers can upload their digital work when listing a digital item, then it is automatically delivered when someone purchases it.

Currency Switcher

Users can choose a currency to display items in, but always pay in the base currency.

Payment Gateways

Paypal and Payza payment gateways are integrated.


We have a helpful staff to assist with any issues on the default script.


Facebook login support!

Ordering System

The advanced ordering system lets sellers mark items as paid or delivered for offline payments

Admin Panel

Fully functional admin panel to manage your website.